Easy Holiday Decorating in 15 Minutes or Less | Simply | Real Simple

These easy holiday decorating tips take less than 15 minutes! Switch it up this year and take your house to the next level by swapping out everyday items like candles and pillow covers with festive ones. Incorporate wreaths and jingle bells throughout your home for a burst of holiday spirit, and decorate hurricane lamps and cloches with pinecones and fresh greenery. All it takes is a few simple touches, and your space will look like a winter wonderland in no time.

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0:00 Introduction
0:14 Hurricane Lamps & Cloches
0:31 Swappable Pillow Covers
1:05 Creative Wreaths
1:24 Interchangeable Candles
1:35 Jingle Bells

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Easy Holiday Decorating in 15 Minutes or Less | Simply | Real Simple

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