India’s First Solar Autonomous Car! Making own car in College – Ft. Mitesh

Mitesh Pramod Sawant in the Co-founder of VCET SOLECTHON, Founder of Rider on Rent, Mechanical Engineer, Research Assistant and currently pursuing masters in Engineering Management from California State University, Northridge.   

He with his team of Indian engineering students build world’s first solar electric autonomous car. Mitesh’s team participated has won National Championship twice, 5 podium finishes, 23 National level Awards in last 5 years.

Currently Mitesh’s team is building a car which will participate in an International level happening first time in India. The final race is of around 500kms across various states in the Northern states of India. Help our own team by supporting them financially here to build the car of the future:

They have made India proud by making the World’s First Autonomous solar electric car now lets support them.

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Mitesh Pramod Sawant:

Team VCET Solecthon :


Meet Mitesh from Mumbai who created his own Solar Autonomous Car in India.

00:00 – 1:37 Intro
1:38 – 4:51 What was your background?
4:52 – 18:43 What are you taught in engineering and when did you decide to make a car?
18:44 – 19:48 What are your future goals?
19:49 – 21:35 How did you get an opportunity at NASA?
21:36 – 22:55 What NASA project do you work on?
22:56 – 22:40 What does a mechanical engineer do?
22:41- 27:50 How did you convince your parents for your project?
27:51 – 30:12 Final Advice
30:13 – 30:29 Outro

Edited by Utkarsh Bhardwaj!

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