What is your target? What is your plan within 5 years? Many times when people ask us this question, we won’t be able to answer. It is not that we do not want to answer, but rather that we don’t know how to answer. The fundamental reason is that we ourselves never think seriously about this question. Many will say, why do I need to have a target and a plan? Does that mean that by having a target and a plan I will be able to achieve it? Many of us don’t believe and don’t know the power of clear vision.

I myself have that kind of mentality where I think writing down of plan and target of what I want to achieve is of little use. I think it is only for documentation purposes. But however, I tried to write down some of my targets and see what will happen. After writing down the plan and target, normally I will forget about it. Maybe once a year I will find some time to re-read what I have written down. However, after a few years, I discovered that some targets that I write down previously have been achieved, without me even think about it.

For example one of my target sets a few years ago is to get a black belt in one of the martial arts that I learn. After 2++ years I wrote down the words, I got the black belt. Another example is that I have been wanting to become a Solution Architect in my career. I wrote down that I wanted to achieve it in 3 years when I was a software engineer. Now after 2 years I just realize that I am in that position.

Of course, I’m not trying to say that everything that you wrote down will happen. It all depends on deep inside yourself, which target is the most important to you. The more important it is to you, the more likely it will happen.

So I hope to start from today, you can start writing down what you want to become, what you want to do. It will not happen immediately. But if you are patient enough, it will happen after some time.

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