One might develop the self through assessment and reflections. If, for example, you were dissatisfied with the grades you got this semester and want even better grades, or maybe let down with the result of your research, there is no other way but to change your ways.

The first step is to settle on what went wrong and on where aspects you need to improve. Through this, you will know where to start the change. Only you know about your weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, one must reflect on his past knowledge, experiences, and events consistently. You just have to ask yourself. Maybe it was because you unconsciously focused more on your extracurricular as a replacement for giving more attention to your academics. Perhaps the reason was that you were not inspired or motivated. Thus, this will tell you how you are going to deal with the next coming semester.

After all the reflection, you have to confirm it. If possible, you have to ask your professors, instructors, and teachers. Ask them what aspects pulled your grades down. Maybe it was because you had low scores during quizzes and term tests, or maybe it was because your term paper or project was submitted late. If this cannot be done, ask the folks, your parents. During their free time, they know what to do, so surely they have something to say. Ask them how often you open your books and how often you get out with friends. One must learn to balance the self and his life. This includes schoolwork, work, social life, and so forth.

Keep your schoolwork insight and remember your goal ahead that you must meet. Try to think about how you perceived everything. Did you see it as a burden? Perhaps it is a blessing. Did you look at it as an opportunity to reach your goals and dreams or did you see it as something you need to do because your mom said so? In everything you do, you must have a positive outlook. Looking at things as if they were nothing but a headache will make you lose interest in it. It will make you feel as if you will get nothing from it when in fact you will. Therefore, you must be optimistic. Think of your dreams. If you stop now, what will become of you after? How will you ever get that diploma? Remember that if you start to give up on something, you will have the tendency to give up on everything you do next. Always think of what will come after all those sacrifices. Think about your future job and about your first payday. That way, you will be motivated and inspired to do better in your academics.

The next step is to change everything you have to change. Everything takes time. So don’t try to do everything at once. Go through the process progressively. Make personal transformations that you need to change and slowly apply your learning.

If you know that you spent more time sleeping than doing your schoolwork, this time you will know that your sleeping habit consumed your time and made you miss your deadlines. If your professor told you that, the low scores you got on your quizzes and exams pulled your grades down. Recall that you only prepare for them a day before, then this time you will know that you will have to focus more on studying at least 3 days before any quizzes. This way, all the things that brought you to those miserable grades will now vanish.

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